Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Peanut Planner?

   A: Peanut Planner provides the space for you to collect, compare, store and decide on which products you actually need for the arrival of your baby.
   Collect products from anywhere on the web, organise your products into Shortlists to compare prices, features, designs, and store as many items as you like in your Shortlists until you decide. And once you've decided? Simply add the products you need to your Shopping List.
   If you like, you can also share your Shopping List as a Gift Registry for your friends and family–so you know you're getting what you need from your favourite place to buy it! All of this organisational amazingness is free, worldwide and once you install this little Peanut Planner button in your internet browser, it's totally simple to get started!

Q: Is Peanut Planner free?

A: All services on Peanut Planner are completely free for Mamas and Guests. Your friends might love free things as well. If you are enjoying using the site be sure to let your friends know about it as well!

Q: Is Peanut Planner a shop? Can I purchase products from Peanut Planner?

A: Mamas and Guests don't purchase directly from the site. Peanut Planner stores the links of products from your favourite online store. When it’s time for money to change hands you’ve got the link right back to the right place!

Q: How do I put products on my Gift Registry?

A: Your Shopping List is your Gift Registry! So just add products to your Shopping List. Simple

Q: How do I share a Gift Registry?

A: Just click on "Shopping List" in the menu bar, and then "Share Gift Registry". You'll see a unique URL for your Gift Registry, as well a field to create a reservation password to share with friends and family. When you share your Gift Registry with friends and family it’s actually identical to your Shopping List, we just call it a Gift Registry–cause that’s what everyone is use to.

Q: What’s the Wishlist for?

A: Your Wishlist is for those would-love-to-have items, but not the need-to-have … every now and then we think it’s perfectly fine to spoil Peanut, but we know that getting the important purchases out of the way first are priority.

Q: Are all the prices on Peanut Planner accurate?

A: All the data for products are currently entered by the Peanut Planner community. Prices change from time to time due to sales on merchant websites, and it’s possible for a price to be occasionally incorrectly entered. It’s best to use the prices as a guide. In the future Peanut Planner will include verified prices.

Q: How do I add products from a website?

A: Go to the Link button install page and install the Link tool.

Q: How do I install the Link tool?

A: Go to this page , and drag the giant + icon into your bookmarks bar. We made a video on how to do this over here . If you can’t see your bookmarks bar, you might have to reveal it in your settings. If nothing seems to be working, just get in touch and we’ll help troubleshoot with you.

Q: Have you got another question?

A: We’re waiting to answer it for you! Contact us today to find out more.

Q: How does Peanut Planner make money?

A: You can read more here.