Interview: Bella Buttercup. Meet Jaimee & Chloe

Simple and high quality, new and still, somehow, a classic already: Bella Buttercup combines the creative talents of two very clever cookies, Jaimee and Chloe, along with extensive experience in the fashion and interior design industries to create the products they wanted to see available for babies and toddlers, but could not find elsewhere. The brand they’ve managed to create not only fills a market gap for high quality, excellent priced and aesthetically products, but so much more. With personal, careful customer service and expert attention for small, thoughtful details to improve products, we LOVE Bella Buttercup, and we’re so happy to sit down with Jaimee and Chloe and learn more about the women behind the wonderful!


PP: What inspired your collection of products?

Jaimee: We often look to current trends in children’s interior styling to keep up to date with the desirable colour palettes of the moment. We focused a lot on pastels last year, but have now moved into a deeper, more moody colour palette this season. The overall collection is called Dreamland, and the two new colour-ways in the Play Space and Little Space collections are called Dusky Skies and Moody Dreams. Another big focus for us this year is our Scandinavian inspired Play Bar–a simple wooden frame with carefully designed hanging toys. It creates a beautiful space for babies to play and be entertained. We were inspired by the desire to create something beautiful that compliments the home, which parents are happy to leave out and enjoy.

PP: When someone receives a product from your range, what do you want their response to be? What do you want them to notice?

Jaimee: We take great pride in our packaging, every Bella Buttercup item arrives in a beautiful craft paper bag, tied up with twine and comes with hand-written note to our customers. We also check over every product that goes out to ensure it is up to our high standards and arrives in perfect condition. We believe our customers notice the soft fabrics, high quality and special presentation that goes into every Bella Buttercup product the minute they unwrap it.


PP: Is there something about your range you wish everyone would know?

Jaimee: Our Play Space, Little Space and Pram Liner products all contain two hidden water-resistant layers. These help to keep any moisture from coming through from below (when used on damp surfaces such as sand or grass), and any little spills or accidents from going through from on top! They are also beautiful to look at, have a super soft to feel and you would never know they have this special hidden feature to look at them from the outside.

PP: Share 5 words that describe your business.

Jaimee: Innovative. Creative. Soft. Modern. Friendly.

PP: Favourite item in your store and why?

Jaimee: Our very popular Play Bar has been the biggest star for us so far,  we currently have such a love for this item and we enjoy creating new toys to style and accessorize with, that amuse and entertain babies through senses such as touch and sight. We think the Play Bar hits all the right notes in being attractive, functional and is something so new for the baby and children’s arena.

PP: Share the love. Are there any favourite small businesses you wish the world knew about?

Jaimee: We have been very lucky to work alongside some great brands at the One Fine Baby event last year in Sydney. Scout Lifestyle are great for fun children’s bedding. From Zion have some gorgeous things, and we absolutely love Hubble and Duke–but they are very much a fast growing brand now!

PP: Most memorable moment between yourself and a customer?

Jaimee: Over Easter we ran a ‘Blue Bella Egg’ campaign, where for that month of sales we chose one customer who was the egg receiver and the lucky winner of a great prize package. Haley and her lovely little girl Frankie were the lucky winners and we sent them a Play Bar to enjoy which matched back perfectly with the Peachy Keen Play Space she had bought earlier in the month. It warmed our hearts to receive some pictures of Frankie playing with her new present, especially when we saw the big smile on her gorgeous little face.

PP: Do you remember the first product you sold? Tell us about it. Jaimee: The very first product we took to market was the baby bundle, which is a portable nappy bag that folds out to contain two change mats, a blanket and space to hold nappies and wipes. This began as a home project for a baby shower gift, but after word got out there was increasing demand to make more, we (two best friends) paired up to turn Bella Buttercup into what it is today. The baby bundle is still available online, we currently have options in both sorbet (pastel) colours as well as some limited edition collection prints. 

PP: What’s your name, and who are you?

Jaimee: Chloe and Jaimee, we are two best friends who have known each other for half our lives and who have owned our business together for three years. We both live in Melbourne which we both adore, but we are both from New Zealand originally.

PP: How many kids do you have, and how old are they?

Jaimee: Chloe has a beautiful little girl called Eva who is two years old. Eva often helps to inspire (and test out) our new products.

PP: Why did you create your store?

Jaimee: We created our online store Bella Buttercup so we could easily sell the products we loving design and create to the world. We have both always wanted to have a successful business and it is a pleasure doing something we are so passionate about everyday.

PP: What’s your favourite thing about pregnancy?

Chloe: Knowing that you are creating something. I was very lucky and had a very pleasant experience with my pregnancy.

PP: What’s your favourite thing about parenthood?

Chloe: Observing someone, becoming someone. I enjoy watching my little girl find her way in this world and becoming the person she will be. Her characteristics and those traits I know I have passed on.

PP: Three things you love spending your free time doing?

Jaimee: We don’t get a lot of free time these days with the business keeping us very busy. When we do get some much needed relax time we like going for a walk together along the bay, enjoying the sunshine in the park and most definitely spending time with our loved ones.

PP: Best parenting advice you ever received?

Chloe: Don’t let other people dictate your parenting style. Be true to you and stick with it because at the end of the day when you go home, it’s just you and your family.

PP: What’s your dream?

Jaimee: Our dream is to continue to deliver beautiful baby and toddler products that make parents lives easier, while also being lovely to look at! We hope to continue our success and to one day have a bigger team beneath us to help keep up with the growing demand for our products. We are driven by the dream of doing what we love everyday alongside having the balance of family life and some time to enjoy our loved ones.


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