Interview: Mooi Baby. Meet Fiona.

With a focus on fair trade practices, natural fibres and scandinavian styling, Mooi Baby brings together a collection of timeless, practical pieces to style your baby’s nursery. Unique, effortless style and guaranteed comfort, Mooi helps you fill your home with things you love!

mooi baby alpaca handmade blankets and rugs

PP: What inspired your collection of products?

Fiona: I am very passionate about interiors and homewares, and after the birth of my first child (Georgie) I wanted to create beautiful bedding for her nursery as I felt it was lacking in the market. I knew I wanted items made from natural fibres and have always loved handmade items that have soul and tell a story. I started researching countries like Bolivia and Peru and discovered a woman living in Lima who employed a group of women (knitters) living in villages and it all began from there.

Inspiration for the designs come from my children and also things that I love–colours, textures, latest trends, interiors, fashion.

PP: When someone receives a product from your range, what do you want their response to be? What do you want them to notice?

Fiona: I want them to fall in love with it and notice the beautiful quality. I receive many emails from happy clients thanking me for such a beautiful product and this is very rewarding.

PP: Is there something about your store/range you wish everyone would know?

Fiona: I would like people to know about our luxury blend yarn used for our blankets, knitwear and accessories. The yarn is special blend of baby alpaca and pima cotton. Baby alpaca was selected for its superior softness and thermal properties. While similar to sheep’s wool, it is warmer, not prickly and has no lanolin making it hypoallergenic. Unique thermal properties enable the release of heat when hot, while trapping when cool–perfect for keeping baby comfy all year round!


PP: Share 5 words that describe your business.

Fiona: Mooi (Dutch for beautiful). Handmade. Fair trade. Quality. Baby.

PP: Favourite item in your store and why?

Fiona: It would have to be the Fox Playmat because it is a little bit different and I have had so much wonderful feedback from it.

PP: Share the love. Are there any favourite small businesses you wish the world knew about?

Fiona: Sprout & Sparrow–they make beautiful gift cards and art prints for little people!

PP: Most memorable moment between yourself and a customer?

Fiona: I received an email from a woman telling me a sad story about her daughter’s baby and that discovering my “truly mesmerising” store had helped her to stay focused and given her something to believe in.

PP: What’s your name, and who are you?

Fiona: Fiona Cunneen, I am a Mother of 2 (Georgie 2) and Lachlan (1). I also work part-time as a Colour Consultant part-time.

PP: What’s your favourite thing about pregnancy?

Fiona: Knowing that a beautiful little human being is growing inside you.

PP: What’s your favourite thing about parenthood?

Fiona: Watching your children grow and develop into little people. Having a boy and girl is wonderful because they are both so different and have totally different personalities.

PP: Three things you love spending your free time doing?

Fiona: Going to the beach and parks with my kids, visiting my parents in the country, enjoying a latte at our local café in Mount Martha.

PP: Best parenting advice you ever received?

Fiona: My mum was very helpful with all sorts of information when I had my first baby. I had absolutely no idea and it was all very overwhelming!

PP: What’s your dream?

Fiona: My dream is to keep extending the range of products and create more awareness about my brand.

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