Baby Shower Gift Registry

Peanut Planner is the perfect way to create a Baby Shower Gift Registry like no other!

Most online gift registries have their limitations and don’t co-exist with an online platform which helps you to research and select the very best products for your needs. With Peanut Planner you do your research before you add anything to your Shopping List. This Shopping List can be shared as your Gift Registry. It’s that simple.

Q: How do I put products on my Gift Registry?

A: Your Shopping List is your Gift Registry! So just add products to your Shopping List. You can do this by clicking on the + icon on Peanut Planner, or by adding products from online stores using Peanut Planner’s Link tool installed on your bookmarks bar.

Q: How do I share a Gift Registry?

A: Just click on “Shopping List” in the menu bar, and then “Share Gift Registry”. You’ll see a unique URL for your Gift Registry, as well a field to create a reservation password to share with friends and family. When you share your Gift Registry with friends and family it’s actually identical to your Shopping List, we just call it a Gift Registry–cause that’s what everyone is use to.