How Peanut Planner makes money

We Love Women and Children

Social Justice is an essential part of Peanut Planner. Everything we do is geared towards supporting programs for women and children around the world, not just by promoting products and projects, but also financially.

Affiliate Sales

When someone clicks on a link on the Peanut Planner website which results in a purchase from an online store, that store gives Peanut Planner a small payment for the referral (where there is an affiliate program in place). This is called an affiliate sale.

If We Don’t Believe In It, We Won’t Recommend It. Ever.

Our team spends a lot of time finding awesome brands and recommending them to our ever growing community of mamas and mamas to be. We’re helping brands reach a new and emerging audience. We only ever promote brands that we believe in, that support our organisational vision and align with our position statement. Once a brand passes our rigorous checks, depending on the needs of a specific brand, we can offer promotional services and different techniques of helping brands engage with their customers. Our day to day business practices are governed by our position statement and commitment to ethical practices, so you can trust that when we do something, it’s for the right reasons and with not only our users in mind, but the women, children and non-profit programs we support at the heart of our practice.

Our Commitment

No matter how big we get, we remember why we’re here. That’s why 90% of profit generated by Peanut Planner will always be given to non-profit programs that identify and promote the social justice of women and children across the world. Prenatal, maternal, infant health and wellbeing keeps us working hard on Peanut Planner, and we’ll never stop trying to make more money so we can give more money. When you shop with Peanut Planner, you’re supporting this commitment.

We use websites such as Charity Navigator and the Australian Charities and Not-for-profits Commission to identify and select programs which align with our values and meet our assessments. We’re transparent, and invest funds without discrimination, irrespective of preference for social, cultural or religious beliefs personally held by staff.

Where You Come In

You can help us help others by:

  • Using Peanut Planner to create and manage your online shopping lists. Pregnancy, baby shower, newborn, toddler or child, Peanut Planner can help you to find, compare, choose and buy the best product to suit your needs. For free! Use it, love it, recommend it.
  • When you do buy online, remember to visit the store you buy from through Peanut Planner. This helps us take advantage of affiliate programs and maximise the income we have to donate!
  • The more our community grows, the more our impact (and yours!) grows: so share Peanut Planner with your friends. You never know who might fall in love with it and thank you for introducing them!

We Keep Growing, So You Can Keep Exploring

We’re thinking of new things you need all the time, so keep exploring our website to find out more about Peanut Planner. Have you had a look at our:

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