Position Statement

PeanutPlanner.com is not just about finding and sharing produts for parents to be. We LOVE babies. We LOVE pregnancy. We’re excited about parenting and everything it involves. Our team LOVES being parents, mamas and papas. We’re positive about the experience of parenting, and we love sharing in peoples’ journeys from beginning to end.
Everyone parents differently however, and while we celebrate the diversity and individuality of our community, there are some beliefs and values we hold vital to our business.
We are:

  • Strong believers in gentle parenting
  • Against discrimination of any kind
  • Anti pageantry
  • Strong believers in the right of children to be children. We will not condone the sexualisation or exploitation of children in any way.
  • All for protecting the innocence and childhood of children.

From time to time this might mean we have a difference of opinion with Peanut Planner users sharing content on our site, whether it be toys that we believe offend the values shared above, clothing which we do not think is appropriate for a baby or young child, or books that we do not think are advisable to be promoted. If we remove or hide content that offends the values listed above we will respond in writing to enquiries about the removal.
Any action of this kind taken towards content shared on our site (or across our social media platforms, including but not limited to commentary by community members) is undertaken for the greater good, and is not meant to stifle the activities of our community members, but rather to limit the promotion of what we believe to be ill-advised products or concepts.
Examples of this could include makeup for children, high heels for small children or clothing that we believe sexualises children (such as adult-styled swimsuits or clothing with explicit language design features).
If you would like more information about our Values or our Position Statement please contact us.